Hi, my name is Susan Brady. The reason why I created this blog is to share many suse 5-8-16 informative articles, helpful tips and some personal stories I’ve had in the colorful world of jewelry and antiques for 30 years. After studying Design in college, I attended GIA (Gemological Institute of America). I graduated as an Accredited Jewelry Professional. This school is known for grading the Hope Diamond currently at the Smithsonian. For more info on this school click on… http://www.gia.edu/

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As a professional jeweler, I’ve passionately worked in the jewelry and antique field in lovely San Diego. I’ve also served on hospital volunteer groups. Also, as an elected official on a planning board for my neighboring business beach community, serving San Diego City Council.

As for my personal  background, I was raised pretty much in San Diego . I’ve taken care of my disabled mom over the last twenty-something  years,  I’m deeply proud of her in growing/healing. My parents divorced when I was very young, I was raised with the help of my grandmother, my father’s extended family (at times) in the Bay area, near San Francisco… also with close firefighter friends while my father was away on WesPac tours in the Navy. I would always return back to my homeland…San Diego. My father retired from the Navy many years ago, worked on Top Gun jets (and Cobra helicopters) long before the Top Gun movie came out. I always laugh whenever I hear “The Danger Zone” song.  My fun-loving father and I are still the best of friends 😊



My creativity stems from my patient Grandfather and past relatives (UC Berkeley back in the 30’s) who were architects/inventors in California. From time to time, my hobbies are- creating art, calligraphy, writing poetry, songwriting, singing, playing guitar and hiking.


I’m married to a very kind Naval Academy graduate named “Colin”.  We moved from San Diego to South Carolina due to my husband’s job relocation. Colin and I enjoy bowling, hiking and gaming with our friends. Colin is an experienced historical wargamer, over 25 years (i.e. wargamer, actor Peter Cushing).


 We also enjoy watching great historical, time period movies such as Ben Hur, Risen, with fine actors such as Jim Caviezel, Alan Rickman, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, etc..

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One of my greatest joys is to share my leadership ability in volunteering or possibly inspiring others. For example, I have a friend who is a professional make-up consultant that at times, does free beauty makeovers on homeless women. I commend her. 

Above all that I have mentioned, I give thanks to God for all my skills/talent, colorful experiences that I’ve had… and continue to have on my meaningful life journey.

It’s my joyful purpose to create, write, blog and teach.


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young jeweler 1988

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15% of proceeds supports missionaries

Happy 2018! 😊