Care of Pearls
Pearl is traditionally June’s birthstone

Natural Pearls are very delicate gems and can be easily damaged by the surrounding conditions. It is extremely important to care for pearl jewelry. With proper care the gems will last for centuries.

1) When pearls are worn very often and close to the skin they get eroded or damaged with contact with even the mildest of acids given out by the skin. Hence the use of pearl jewelry very often in humid places is not advisable.

2) Pearl jewelry like pearl earrings, pearl rings etc should not be kept in cotton wool as it contains small amounts of acids that may damage the pearl in the long run.

3) String of pearls or pearl jewelry should not be kept in polythene bags as there isn’t enough moisture for the pearls in these bags, which will create a water loss and damage the outer surface of the pearls.

4) The best way of storing pearls would be to keep them well wrapped in white linen cloth or pure silk.

5) Cosmetics and perfumes must never come in contact with pearls as the acids and chemicals most certainly will damage them.

6) Restringing of pearls that are very often used is a very good idea as many a times the string may absorb the perfume of cosmetics used and in turn damage the pearl. The string used (if silk) by itself may wear out or may break. It is advisable to restring regularly used pearls once every six months.

7) The best way of stringing pears is to have a knot at the end of each pearl so that in case of breakage of the string only one pearl is lost.

Pearls are categorized as organic gem material and are amongst the oldest of precious gems. In history pearls have been very valuable, second only to the diamond. The first record of the use of pearls in history is the fishing of the famous orient Basra pearl around the year 300 B.C.


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