Summer shimmer glimpse poem

Shimmery stars                                                      summer glitter
Peacock eyes
Pink Tortoise shells
Seagulls fly

Colors swirl over blue ocean’s mist
A gold, gin rummy sun screaming out in bliss

Stately feathers of
sandpipers singing
The joys of summer
creates an interesting
new beginning

(summer shimmer glimpse by susan brady)



June birthstone: caring for your pearls…

Care & Maintenance     pearl necklace

Due to the delicacy of their nature-grown exterior, pearls require special care and attention. They should never be cleaned in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or with harsh, abrasive chemicals. To remove surface dirt, you can use a soft cloth moistened with water and mild soap. To restore your pearls’ natural beauty, we recommend taking the stones to a professional jeweler for an expert cleaning.

The best way to ensure the continuing radiance of your pearl jewelry is to wear it as often as possible. When the pearls are exposed to the natural oils of your skin, the contact helps to enhance their lustrous surface.

To preserve the beauty of natural or cultured pearls, eliminate exposure to sprays, perfumes, and cosmetics, as these can cause dullness or discoloration. When they’re not being worn, store your pearls in a separate compartment or pouch to prevent them from getting scratched by other jewelry pieces.

June birthstones: Alexandrite, Pearl or Moonstone?

alex stones

 alexandrite ring

Various birthstone lists have been used in different cultures for thousands of years.

The traditional birthstone list is based on birthstone traditions from the fifteenth to the twentieth century. Since then, many of the traditional stones on the list were changed to correspond with stones that were more commercially available. In 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers adopted a list which included alexandrite and that was accepted as the standard in the United States and many other countries. In 1952 the American National Retail Jewelers Association, the National Jewelers Association and the American Gem Society approved a variation of the list. In this list, alexandrite is offered as an alternative to pearl and therefore associated with the month of June. It is also suggested as the gemstone for a 55th wedding anniversary (sometimes also the 35th or 45th in place of emerald).

Certain months offer various options for the modern birthstone. For example, for those who want to purchase the birthstone for June, alexandrite, pearl or moonstone may be chosen. Pearls are a classic choice, while natural alexandrite is expensive and rare. In response to the costs associated with alexandrite, some retailers have selected their own stone to represent the month of June, including green tourmaline to represent the green color of alexandrite, or pink tourmaline to represent the red, or color change garnet because of the change.

Alexandrite alex 3
Pearl   dark pearls

moonstone Moonstone